Dr. Bobby Yun

President/Physician. Attended UW-Madison Medical School, trained in surgery, anesthesiology (UCLA), and Board Certified in Family Medicine. Over ten years of experience as Medical Director of urgent care clinics in the Fox Valley and Green Bay areas.

Who are we?

We are a team of physicians. physician-assistants, nurses, medical assistants, customer service representatives, and x-ray technicians dedicated to providing the most efficient and cost-effective care of acute/urgent medical conditions.

Our clinic is owned and operated by our staff – all of our decisions are made by those that actually care for the patients. We will do everything in our power to reduce your healthcare cost. We will have a set fee schedule and offer significant discount for out-of-pocket or cash paying patients.

We have combined urgent care experiences of over 40 years, and have managed over 200,000 unique patients over the past 10 years. Our experiences directly translate to efficient and timely management of full spectrum of patients that walk through our doors, while significantly reducing healthcare cost as well as increasing accessibility to our quality healthcare. We do this by reducing unnecessary tests and optimizing utilization of our 8 exam rooms, eliminating wait time. We are open 365 days a year with extended weekday hours, in-house x-ray and lab.

Our nursing and support staff are similarly dedicated, with extensive backgrounds in urgent care, and careers devoted to outpatient care.

Urgent care is what we do…this is all we do. When your need is URGENT, we CARE.

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